Sacrament Meeting Broadcast Setup

Greens Building

See the attachment below from Nic Rudd (Stake Technology Specialist for the Farmington Bay Stake) on the Mevo 2.0 setup. The main difference from the Teradek configuration is you need to download the Mevo 2.0 app which you can find in the app store by searching for "Mevo 2.0" or clicking here. If you need to contact Nic, please contact Brandon Sunday via email at or via text at 801-828-5085 and he will connect you.

Mevo Camera Setup Instructions

Quail Crossing/Hunters Creek Buildings

Below are basic instructions on setting up the broadcast using a Teradek. If there are hardware issues with the Teradek, please contact Brandon Sunday via email at or via text at 801-828-5085 and don't try and configure the device through the settings. Settings for the device are managed through a web portal and each has an auto config file that configures the device. Also, currently the latest firmware isn't supported so don't update the firmware on the device.

Basic Setup Steps
  • Setup tripod and camera
  • Run power, ethernet, audio cables. (Audio is under the sacrament table)
  • Plug in audio, video, ethernet and power to Teradek and power on AFTER all cables are in.
  • As it powers on, watch the screen and make sure it connects to the internet. When it asks to update firmware, click Skip.
  • Once video and ethernet are configured and encoding, it will automatically go live
  • To stop the stream, click the red button and confirm "Yes" to stop the broadcast
  • To start the stream, click the red button and confirm "Yes" to start the broadcast
  • Place runners or tape over the cables
Troubleshooting Common Problems
  • Icons on Teradek - Top one is blue when it has video input. Second one is blue when video encoder is ready. Third one is when it is streaming to the cloud.
  • Audio - Make sure it is plugged into the "Input" section and not "Output" (Headphones icon is output and the other icon is input)
  • Audio - Make sure the microphone on the stand is powered on
  • Video - If the top icon isn't blue, try closing the camera and reopening, wait 30 seconds and see if it goes blue.
  • Video - If that doesn't work, unplug the video input, close the camera, open it up and plug the video back in and wait another 30 seconds
  • Video - If the top icon is blue but the second one isn't and it may have an error message that says "Encoder isn't ready", restart the Teradek