General Information


Mission & Temple Preparation
January 08 - 4:30 pm
Weekly at 3:30 pm Hunters Creek Chapel.
The date says January 8th but it's every Sunday

Youth Battalion
June 02 - 5:00 pm
Sunday June 2 - Tuesday June 4, 2024: For all youth who will be in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade during the spring or fall of 2024

Sacrament Links

To find your ward's sacrament meeting link, click on the "Wards" tab on the menu.

**Effective Sunday August 7th - Sacrament meeting broadcast access needs approval from the Bishop or Branch President. Please contact them directly should you have any questions.

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Self-Reliance Classes

Classes will begin in April!

Come and enjoy a fun great learning experience with other Farmington West Stake Members.

To register, go to

Trek Information

Trek Website

Permission and Medical Release Form

Temple Recommends

We encourage all members whose temple recommends are expired or expiring soon to make an appointment with the stake presidency for a renewal interview. Please sign up at the following page. If you would like to request a different time than what is available on the sign-up or need an interview via technology, please call (or text) Clint Halverson at 801-971-4202 to set up an interview time.

Mission & Temple Preparation

Please encourage all of your youth ages 16 to 18 to join us each Sunday at 3:30pm at the Hunters Creek building.  Our meetings are between 30 to 45 minutes and are structured to help our youth engage with each other in preparing for these important life events.

Please have your youth leaders or families reach out to Brother Halverson with any questions at 801-971-4202.