Request a Zoom License

Who do I contact to receive a license?

If you are the ward technology specialist, please contact Brandon Sunday via email at or via text at 801-828-5085. If you are not the ward technology specialist, please reach out to them first as each unit is only allowed one license. You will need to provide an email address (preferably a generic one attached to the ward, that does NOT have an existing paid Zoom account attached to it. Once the email has been provided, you will be emailed a link to set up the account under that email address.

Guidelines for Using Virtual Meeting Technologies

Below are excerpts from the official notice from the Presiding Bishopric notice dated September 25, 2020, “Guidelines for Using Virtual Meeting Technologies,”

Many technology solutions offer free accounts that will meet the needs of most Church meetings. When free accounts do not meet local unit needs, a Church-provided Zoom license can be requested that:

  • Can be shared within a unit
  • Can host two concurrent meetings
  • Does not limit meeting duration
  • Can be used for both interactive and noninteractive meetings

One license has been approved for each stake, ward, branch, mission, and district. These licenses can be acquired from the Church by stake, district, and mission technology specialists.

What if my unit needs additional Zoom licenses?

Ideally, units can use the features of this Zoom license, including breakout rooms and concurrent meetings, to meet all their needs. Other free virtual meeting options, such as free Zoom or Google Meet accounts, can still be used if the provided Zoom license is insufficient.

How do I get support?

Support questions about Zoom specifically should be directed to Zoom’s support channels.